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In this chapter, we provide NCERT Exemplar Class 6 Maths Solutions for English medium students, Which will very helpful for every student in their exams. Students can download the latest NCERT Exemplar Problems Solutions for Class 6 Maths pdf. Now you will get a step-by-step solutions to each question.

The NCERT Exemplar Question Bank and their Solutions for Class 6 Maths are provided to students to help them prepare for their exams.  Practice highly expected questions from NCERT Exemplar Class 6th Maths is very important if students want to get good marks in their Maths exam. Maths is especially a subject which needs a lot of practice so a lot of students struggle at it. However, with our range of good questions of NCERT Exemplar for Class 6th Maths, solving the problems provided, students can also get our free NCERT Exemplar Solutions to help them. The more students practice, the better will be their scores.

We have prepared the list of chapters in the syllabus of NCERT exemplar Class 6th   that follows CBSE board regulations, so you can practice questions chapter-wise. Check out the questions and solutions for the chapters in your syllabus.

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NCERT Exemplar Class 6 Maths Chapter-wise Solutions

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Chapter 1 -Number System

Students will familiarise themselves with the concepts of the Number system. The system of expressing a number in a certain form is termed the number system. Students will learn how to write numbers in different kinds of systems- International &Indian, comparing large numbers and classification of numbers into different kinds like natural numbers, whole numbers, etc. Students will also be shown how to plot numbers on a number line and the properties of different kinds of numbers.

Chapter 2- Geometry

Geometry is one branch of maths that deals with points, lines, angles, surfaces, and figures like polygons and triangles. Students will learn to recognize these and learn about segments, sections, types of lines, etc.

Chapter 3- Integers

Integers are numbers that can be either negative, zero, or positive. They range from – ∞ to +∞ but they can’t be a fraction. Students will learn to do arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on integers. They will also learn to compare and perform operations on integers using the number line.

Chapter 4- Fractions and Decimals

Fractions represent part of something whole while Decimals are just fractions with their wholes a multiple of 10 like 10,100, etc. Students are going to learn about types of fractions- Proper & Improper. Also, they will learn to do the basic four arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction on fractions and decimals, and converting decimals to fractions.

Chapter 5 -Data Handling

Data Handling is the arrangement and representation of data in an organized manner. Students will learn to draw and represent data in all kinds of pictorial forms like tables, pictographs, bar graphs, etc. Here students will be shown how data is transformed from a disorganized manner to a graphical representation.

Chapter 6 -Mensuration

Mensuration deals with measurements of 2-d and 3-d figures. However, students will only learn to measure the area and perimeter of 2-d figures like triangles, squares, and rectangles. They will also learn formulas for calculating the area and perimeter of these figures.

Chapter 7- Algebra

Algebra is another important branch of Maths where we learn to substitute numbers and letters for each other to perform operations by forming equations. The substituted letter used id called a variable whose values are supposed to be calculated. Students will learn how to use variables to form equations and then solve them.

Chapter 8- Ratio and Proportions

A comparison of two or more quantities is termed a ratio which is denoted by “:” while two quantities are said to be in proportion if their ratios are equal. It is denoted by the “::” symbol. Here students learn to find ratios of numbers and find the unknown numbers using proportions. 

Chapter 9 -Symmetry and Practical Geometry

Symmetry means that dividing, flipping or rotating a figure gives the same two figures. Students will be learning how symmetry works for symmetry for regular polygons, and about the symmetry of lines and rotation.

Apart from our questions and solutions for NCERT Exemplar Class 6 Maths, you can also learn all-important formulas in your syllabus.  We have curated a full list of formulas chapter-wise to make it easier for you to find them in one place. Score well on your exams by practicing from NCERT Exemplar Class 6 Maths Solutions.

Why Should You learn NCERT Exemplar for Class 6 Maths?

  • Detailed solutions for easy understanding of the students.
  • Solutions are given by highly experienced Teachers.
  • Free Pdf Download is available for all the questions and solutions chapter-wise.

I think you got complete solutions for this chapter. If You have any queries regarding this chapter, please comment in the below section our subject teacher will answer you. We tried our best to give complete solutions so you got good marks in your exam.


Can students just depend on NCERT Exemplar?

No. Although NCERT Exemplar covers all important questions, it is advised to first finish practicing from their textbooks and then Practise questions from NCERT Exemplar.

Are all chapters of the syllabus included?

Yes, NCERT Exemplar follows the syllabus described by the CBSE board of education so that students get all the chapters in one place.

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